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Version of this documentation

 25.07.13 First version
 25.09.13 Added „List of verified facilities for partner integration“; added „List of booking information for a facility“; expansion of the introduction to include information about the API-Key; added radius parameter to the facilities by location call; expansion of the documentation of the booking POST (needs cleanup); deleted all links to (don’t want to rely on 3rd parties for the documentation)
 14.11.13 Missing information about pagination added to facilities list
 19.02.14 Delete resmio_newsletter_subscribe as it should not be supported anymore. Styling for widget and button added.
 27.02.14 Added new resmio logo
 06.03.14 Added “resmio widget and resmio button for integration in websites” and “Direct link to the reservation widget of a facility”
 12.05.14 Added some integral parts for styling the reservation button
 16.10.14 Changed list of facilities for partner integration to use the in_partner_network field; removed a blank space in styling of the resmio widget and resmio button
 16.11.14 Added facility resources, resource groups and customer endpoints, updated booking resource.
 26.06.15 Information about creating a facility
 02.07.15 Information about setting language of button has been added.
 07.07.15 Preview of widget and button added
 06.01.16 Added OAuth2 Authorisation and profile endpoint
 05.04.16 Added disable comment field option to widget styling
 20.04.16 List of customers for a facility added and updated__ for list of bookings added
 01.09.16 Added newsletter signup form and preview of reputation widget
 28.09.16 Providing example cURL requests and a link to a collection of Postman requests
Added an explanation of booking status choices.
 04.11.16 Information about language setting for transactional e-mails as unauthenticated user was added.
 22.11.16 Changed facility type from required parameter to optional when creating a facility
 24.11.16 Changed name and email to optional when creating a customer
 19.01.17 Added create user endpoint
 20.01.17 Added information on how to prefill inputs in the widget
 When creating a user the username is not needed anymore
 16.03.17 With user creation parameters can be named utm or cmp
 20.03.17 iframe example
 02.06.17 button for resource groups example
 12.08.18 Added availability filter for facility search. Adjusted styling of the documentation
 04.09.19 Migrated public API info to new Public API Documentation
 07.10.19 Migrated the remaining content to